Float on the River

Enter a Float

The procession of river floats along the River Wye is one of the high points of the River Carnival.

Last year, we had 16 floats including characters from the Jungle Book, the ‘Royal Family’ (well they looked pretty Royal to us) and Sir Lancelot (courtesy of the the Mayor) alongside floats from SHYPP, Shirley’s Wheels, Hereford Food Bank, the Sea Cadets, Fodder, The Barrels, The Victory and Harrison Clark Rickerbys to name but a few.

This year we want many more, so sign up today.

Come along a build a float

Now is your chance.  thanks to our wonderful friends at Gibbs & Dandy in Hereford, we’ve go the wood to build some float bases.  So why not come along and help us do it at Horizon Training on Whitecross Road from 10am – 3pm on Saturday 18th March.

It should be fun and you’ll be helping ensure that we have more floats – especially for local charities and community groups – on the Wye on the 29th April.

And if you’ve got  a cordless drill, saw or hammer and can bring them with you that would mean that join the ranks of Carnival heroes.  Come on, let’s get building.

You can join the Carnival

This year we want to see more floats on the river and that’s where you come in.

Why not build your own river float (we can show you how and where to get the materials) or our Hereford Carnival boatbuilders can build one for you to decorate yourself (for a small fee of course). Just email us for more information.

Wye not give it a go?

You and your friends or colleagues floating down the river cheered on by thousands on the banks of the Wye – you could even raise money for a favourite cause while you do it.

A Carnival river craft would be ideal for:

  • Local businesses or organisations – from shops to solicitors, banks to builders, hostelries to hospitals
  • Schools
  • Scouts, Guides and other young people’s organisations
  • Sporting and social clubs
  • Church or other faith groups
  • Groups of friends and neighbours
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Bring your own boat

You don’t have to build a river float. You can bring along your own boat or craft if you already have one.

All that we ask is that you deck it out appropriately for our carnival procession.

Size doesn’t matter. Coracles, canoes and clippers (well maybe not clippers) are all welcome.

Get In Touch with Tricia info@rivercarnival.org to register and  get an info pack.