In poetic praise of the Carnival

At last year’s River Carnival, local poet Patrick Mooney was so inspired by the Friday night torch-lit performance on the Wye that he was moved to verse.  

We would like to thank Patrick for his poem which is printed for your enjoyment below
A Tercets / Poem by Patrick Mooney  

Friday night is launch night, 

Light the touch and set it right,

So that we can all see the light


The rain has eased,

You will be pleased,

However, there is still a cool breeze


As crowds gather along the river Wye,

Clouds clear giving way to an open sky,

It’s easy you see and I can simplify    


Dancers on stage performing,

As the audience continue forming,

The whole experience is storming


As we stand and we cheer,

It becomes clear,

I can see something in the water appear


Lanterns moving along in the darkness,

Florescent jackets bring a certain sparkle,

The sun settles, as the evening grows darker


Candlelight’s beautify,  

As the ripples electrify,

Glow in the dark butterfly


Fireworks set the black sky alight,

Everywhere around is bright,

The perfect end to a beautiful night 

The End

Has the River Carnival inspired you in any way?  Why not write in an let us know?  Or send us your inspirational thoughts and ideas fia our Facebook page or email

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