Hit the streets

2018 Street Carnival 1.00pm – 2.00pm

Music, dancing and a blaze of colour, as it winds its way through the streets of Hereford; the vibrant Street Carnival is one of the highlights of the day.


12:15pm – 12:30pm
Assemble to get ready for the fabulous, colourful, traffic-stopping STREET CARNIVAL

Put on your best Carnival costume, bring along an instrument to play or a drum to bang, something to wave, a fabulous or freaky hat or just bring yourselves to stroll, strut or sashay alongside 3Degreez Cheer Leaders and some crazy creatures from the Mappa Mundi and the Wye Valley River Festival.  ANYONE CAN JOIN IN.  In fact, the more the merrier.  Come along with your friends and have some fun.

Watch an amazing performance by the 3Degreez Cheer Leaders as we get ready to carnival!

Everyone in position ready to go

We carnival across Castle Green to the Castle Street Entrance to begin the Street Carnival

The Street Carnival heads off from Castle Street through Hereford City Centre to Bishops Meadow.

The 2018 Street Carnival route:

  • Start on Castle Green
  • Castle Street
  • St Ethelbert Street
  • St Owen Street
  • High Town
  • Broad Street
  • King Street
  • Bridge Street
  • Old Bridge
  • Bishops Meadow

Email us on info@rivercarnival.org for a form.  It’s your first step on the road to the fabulous, fiesta that is the Street Carnival